RUSSIAN SKYWALKER Vj show at the space rocket «Vostok»

This Vj show was a participant of the Light Fest 2014 Moscow Its a life show in a genre of eclectic VJing. We used our own images, motion graphics and noise effects compiled with ready-made video. Show performed over the real Space Rocket and the background of the pavilion Cosmos at the unique soviet time’ park VDNkH (a kind of soviet Disneyland) — the exhibition of social/economic achievements Show was dedicated to the first spaceman — Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Gagarin is a real myth and somewhat like a sacral person in the history of soviet union. He was Russian Skywalker. The one who conquered the open space. As well in our show we compared space journey with the spiritual practices. Soundtrack consists authentic records of Gagarin and NASA records of the space music. This is non-commercial artwork made specially for the festival of light. As a content we used works made by the participants of WhiteBalanceGroup Vj Arnold Zhelezcov, Dj Oing

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