Multimedia performance

The multimedia-performance «Window to Russia. Seven generations of masterpieces» is a unique temporary project displaying in two phases: day and night. During the day-time visitors may watch the exhibition inside the gallery: this is a hall with eleven big-scale screens (the smallest one is 6.5х10 ft, the largest — 18×10 ft). The video-projection broadcasting on each screen.
The 11-channel audio-video installation based on famous canvases from Tretyakov State Gallery and Institute of the Russian Realist Art ( The Exposition is build so that screens visually come to the centre, creating some kind of corridor or gallery.
The major design concept is that each screen is a virtual window to Russia. In all this «windows» we can see the famous russian landscapes, culture and folklore, pages of our history and private life. All the paintings, made by different artists, in different times and styles, and techniques, are united here by a single dramatic national history — very personal, pathetic and full of hope for the better future.
In the night version, starting after 10 p.m., the exposition shifted outside at the museum windows, so that passing by audience may see the multi-media show from the street site, making the effect of the light-boxes or  stained glass windows.

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