White Balance Group – is a team of media-artists and professionals working with actual multi-media technologies and video projections. We create audio-video-light symphonies, 3D installations, mapping-show and sceneries. We research new media and new ways of developing visual, acoustic and performative art. 

production/ installation/ performance

WhiteBalanceGroup is a team of young and ambitious media-artists and professionals, working in the sphere of contemporary video-design and projection technologies. Group is directed by Vassilina Allahverdieva (creative director) and Arnold Zheleztsov (visual artist, technical director)
We produce video-light-sound symphonies, 3D installations, mapping-show and video-scenery.
We’re experimenting with new media, spaces, technologies, forms and ideas.
Video technologies is one of the most interesting and high developed sphere in creative economy. Its a world of pure imagination and intelligence. Every year, every month we get new programs, services and technics to realize the most fantastic and unbelievable ideas. Human future is full of lights and moving pictures. We can feel it right now. So now, the main task of people who are working and creating in this magic sphere is to be responsible for the quality, morality and sense of tact in our activity, so that not to pollute the world, but make it better.
We experiment with new technologies, devices, spaces, sounds, noices, light sources. Whitebalance group produce videos and music, art events, exhibitions, private parties, performances and media installations. Our task is to promote new forms of visual art, to explore new media and to share our knowledges among our auditory.

Selected shows and exhibition:
3 Moscow art biennale (project «Space Liturgy» by Oleg Kulik), 2009
Russian renaissance, BrotKunstHalle, Wien, 2012
Arkhangelskoe. Mistery, Moscow, 2012
Night at the Cathedral, Moscow, 2012

Prizes and diplomas:
Diploma in nomination «Multimedia design» at the LightFest, 2011 (Moscow, international festival of Light)
Diploma in nomination «Architectural light installations», LightFest, 2012
Diploma in nomination «Art object», Light Fest, 2012
Medal of honor, «Belcanto» classic music foundation, 2012
Diploma in nomination «Architectural Mapping», Light Fest, 2013
Diploma in nomination «VJ art», Light Fest, 2014